Always Prepared

Pool Openings
  • System Start Up: Reassemble Pool Equipment, taking out winter plugs in pool, installing all pool fittings and baskets. Install handrails and ladders. Start up Filter system.  Test Heater. $145 (Any repairs needed will be charged extra) 

  • Cover Removal: Remove Cover Fold and Store $80 (wet and dirty covers will be charged extra) (Cable Covers will be charged extra)

  • Vacuum Service:  up to 45 mins of vacuuming on day of opening $50 (Heavily soiled pools will require a Heavy Vacuum service)

  • Shocking Pool:  Shocking pool with liquid Chlorine 5 gallon jug $18+tax (Highly recommended to to sanitize water and it also helps clean any organic stains formed from over the winter. most pools require two jugs for a total of $36+tax)